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Markus Sierant teilt seine Meinung zu unserer Recruiting Community
Jeremy Osih
Microengineering Student | EPFL
The Link Tour was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get exposure to Startup Ecosystems. It will definitely have an impact on my future.
Till Ebinger teilt seine Meinung zu unserer Recruiting Community
Sophia Göppinger
Columbia | SIM-HSG | Flink
One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had during my studies so far - I’ve met many intelligent and driven people and gathered precious insights along the way!
Carmen Berger teilt seine Meinung zu unserer Recruiting Community
Esmee Huijten
Early-stage VC | ETH Zurich
Link is an excellent opportunity to expand your network in the start-up ecosystem! I loved that it was 50/50 tech and business! Just an incredible experience meeting the CEO of Flink, Enpal, Y42…

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What is Link?

We are community of likeminded students and young professionals who comet together on in-person Startup Ecosystem Tours to visit leading Startups, VCs, and Corporations.

About the Link Visit-Community:
- 50 / 50 Gender Ratio 👸🤴
- 50 / 50 Tech to Business 💻🔬
- 35+ Nationalities 🌍
- 35+ Universities 🏫

Who are we?

Our community consist of top-tier entrepreneurial talent from diverse academic backgrounds, with an equal gender ratio and tech to business ratio. We are united in our passion for the startup ecosystem and believe in the power of diversity to open new doors and challenge the status quo.

Max Brenner and John Schanbacher founded Link after prior co-organizing multiple Ecosystem Trips.

From a young age, we have been hooked by the startup ecosystem. Our backgrounds include experience in building companies and working for VCs and startups such as Palo Alto based Honeystone Ventures, Mountain View based Upland, as well as working in corporate settings like Tesla.

What do we offer?

Our trips offer the opportunity to get to know other like-minded fellows and industry leaders in a casual and personal setting. You will grow your professional network and get excise to exclusive job opportunities. But you might also find your Co-Founders and, most importantly, new friendships.

How to apply for a trip?

Fill out this form to become part of the community.

Once you are part of the community you can apply for every trip.

Who are we looking for?

We seek ambitious individuals who are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

We encourage you to apply, if you have a track record of working on your own projects, have startup or venture capital experience, or have thrived in fast-paced environments.

We believe that these experiences have prepared you to be a valuable member of our community.

How can I get in touch with Link?

Write us an email to:

Connecting entrepreneurial talent with each other and industry leaders

We organize in-person Startup Ecosystem Trips to visit Europes leading Startups, VCs and Corporates

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